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Fleet Management

Trimble’s fleet management solutions provides businesses that manage fleets with real-time visibility of vehicle location, status and diagnostics. They offer a range of on-demand information and activity reports on key data such as vehicle tracking, fuel usage and mileage. In addition, the fleet management solutions include exception alerts which highlight issues such as when a vehicle hasn’t moved or leaves its designated work area. With this visibility in to fleet operations, businesses can manage fleet performance and costs, running the most efficient fleet possible.

Actively managing your fleet helps your bottom line

Trimble’s fleet management solutions help you improve your fleet productivity by:

  • Reducing unauthorized stops or vehicle use.
  • Enabling direct communication with drivers and technicians.
  • Increasing the amount of time vehicles are in productive use.
  • Curbing excessive speeding.
  • Tracking vehicle maintenance.
  • Decreasing vehicle idling times by 50-90%
BPM fleet benefits 1


  • Vehicle & Asset Location
    • Real-time status and location of your vehicles, equipment and workers
    • Exception alerts for vehicle idle time, landmark entry/exit, stop count and duration, distance driven and out of hours use
    • Fuel usage reporting
    • Equipment utilization and tracking
  • Driver Safety
    • In-vehicle hardware with a range of alerts, reports and dashboards so drivers and managers can monitor driver behavior
    • Reporting on harsh acceleration, breaking, turns  and speed to identify at-risk drivers
  • Compliance
    • Real-time electronic record keeping to comply with HOS and DVIR laws
    • Reports on driver’s duty status and driving histories along with driver reports to warn of possible violations
  • Performance & Utilization
    • Performance management analytics to identify technician and driver performance, determine which schedules and routes produce the best results and compare results from one vehicle, asset or worker against the entire fleet.
    • Vehicle diagnostics to receive real-time and retrospective reporting on fuel, carbon, odometer and fault codes
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