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Advanced flight at your fingertips

  • Plan safe routes using digital elevation and 3D models
  • Deploy complex waypoint-guided flight plans and aerial surveys
  • Combine multiple flight path types, follow terrain and automatically adjust for elevation
  • Take control with Click&Go and joystick modes; telemetry data

Tools made for work

  • Automatically geotag and timestamp images
  • Repeat flight plans; playback telemetry
  • Deploy advanced sensors, like LiDAR and hyperspectral
  • Fly remotely and offline; view live streaming video using Command Center
BPM precisionflight image02

Fly safely

  • Emulate flights prior to deployment
  • Create no-fly zones and view built-in ones
  • Set three-dimensional boundaries
BPM precisionflight image03

Take command (from anywhere)

  • Fly remotely
  • Stream live video to multiple locations
  • Control flights and communicate with distributed teams in a centralized location

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Precision Midwest treats each and every piece of equipment with tremendous care. This helped our field crew understand how expensive this equipment was and the importance of handling it with extreme caution. Precision Midwest has an outstanding crew, and we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

- Midwest Testimonial, Landmark Engineering LLC

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