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Advanced flight at your fingertips

  • Plan safe routes using digital elevation and 3D models
  • Deploy complex waypoint-guided flight plans and aerial surveys
  • Combine multiple flight path types, follow terrain and automatically adjust for elevation
  • Take control with Click&Go and joystick modes; telemetry data

Tools made for work

  • Automatically geotag and timestamp images
  • Repeat flight plans; playback telemetry
  • Deploy advanced sensors, like LiDAR and hyperspectral
  • Fly remotely and offline; view live streaming video using Command Center
BPM precisionflight image02

Fly safely

  • Emulate flights prior to deployment
  • Create no-fly zones and view built-in ones
  • Set three-dimensional boundaries
BPM precisionflight image03

Take command (from anywhere)

  • Fly remotely
  • Stream live video to multiple locations
  • Control flights and communicate with distributed teams in a centralized location

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