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Trimble Business Center is a highly automated desktop application for processing and managing optical, GNSS, imaging and point cloud data. With unique capabilities, such as GNSS data processing, cross-section plotting
and integrated photogrammetry functionality, Trimble Business Center enables geospatial professionals to bring their data straight from the field and begin working with it immediately to produce the deliverables they, or their clients, require. Likewise, users can quickly edit a design and send it to the field for layout.


Create projects with a wide selection of coordinate systems and geoid models. Review, edit and process GNSS, total station, and leveling observations. Postprocess static GNSS data with Trimble’s HD-GNSS processing engine for more reliable positions. Adjust traverses and complete networks containing GNSS, total station, and leveling observations.

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• Import any existing raster and vector data for bidding estimates and project planning.
• Process feature codes, compute volumes and automatically model terrain.
• Create surfaces and contours from points and breaklines to accurately model terrain.
• Plot and save your survey designs in a variety of CAD and GIS formats.
• Create and manage rich feature libraries matching attribute schema, layers and symbology from GIS and CAD.
• Process feature codes to automatically create geometry and attributes.
• Import/Export features to a variety file formats including ESRI Shapefiles and Geodatabase XML files.

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