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The Trimble R12i GNSS system is a high‐performance solution for professional land surveyors that raises productivity to new heights. Powered by the ground‐breaking Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS engine and new Trimble TIP™ tilt compensation technology, users can perform topographic surveys or stakeouts in more places without leveling the survey pole, allowing them to focus on the job and complete work with speed and accuracy.

Focus on the Job

The advanced capabilities of the Trimble R12i give users the ability to do their job better and faster than ever while maintaining the same ease of use. This product expands the capabilities of the industry‐ leading Trimble ProPoint RTK positioning engine by incorporating a new Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)‐based tilt compensation technology which lets surveyors measure or stake out points while the survey rod is tilted.

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Trimble Tip Technology

In 2012, Trimble was first in the market to introduce a survey GNSS receiver that could perform tilted measurements, albeit with some limitations. Restraints included the requirement to perform manual calibrations on a daily basis and magnetic interference from sources such as cars or electrical utility boxes that render compass‐based systems ineffective. These shortcomings are addressed with the introduction of the next generation Trimble R12i GNSS System, which incorporates Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) based tilt compensation using Trimble Inertial PlatformTM (TIP) technology. Now points can be accurately measured or staked out with the survey rod tilted, leading to a faster, more productive workflow.

The R12i has the ability to continue to provide a combined GNSS and inertial solution in challenging GNSS environments. This is due to unmatched GNSS positioning performance enabled by the ProPoint RTK engine, whereby users can continue to use the system in degraded GNSS environments with the tilt compensation enabled for more than 30 percent better performance.*

The R12i also allows users to:

  • Focus on the pole tip instead of the bubble, completing work faster and more accurately
  • Survey immediately with calibration‐free tilt compensation technology that is immune to magnetic interference
  • Obtain precise measurements on obstructed points like building and property corners or utility inverts
  • Work in challenging GNSS environments even with the tilt compensation enabled
  • Capture points out of harm’s way in hazardous locations like the edge of an open excavation or an active roadway
  • Have confidence in their system with built‐in automatic integrity monitoring which detects and alerts the user of IMU anomalies in real‐time
  • Follow on‐screen stakeout instructions that guide the pole tip directly to the design point without repeatedly adjusting the pole tip position and re‐leveling the receiver
  • Quickly and easily transition to GNSS‐only operation if required by the job
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Trimble ProPoint GNSS Technology

The industry‐leading Trimble ProPoint GNSS engine inside the Trimble R12i was created from the work of the world’s leading GNSS engineers. This global team— including our senior engineering teams in Munich, Germany and Sunnyvale, California—built a more powerful engine by designing a positioning solution that uses all available GNSS constellations and signals in an optimal way.

How It’s Different

The ProPoint positioning engine leverages the latest Trimble GNSS signal tracking and processing hardware, advances in mobile computing technology, and ongoing enhancements to the GNSS constellations themselves to unlock new levels of RTK performance. While past approaches to signal management—the way in which the positioning engine uses raw GNSS observables and the correction message—were designed to make efficient use of the limited computing power available in mobile devices, the ProPoint engine is able to use an approach which, while more computationally‐intensive, produces an optimal solution from the information available.

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Improved accuracy, reliability, and productivity

At the end of the day, the benefit to users of the Trimble R12i is that survey‐grade GNSS positions can more easily be obtained in a variety of environments, with greater accuracy and more reliable error estimates, in less time than ever before. This enables the surveyor to decide whether GNSS is the right tool for the job, which is particularly important in challenging GNSS environments* such as near or among trees, near buildings, or mixed treed/urban environments. By empowering surveyors in this way, ProPoint GNSS technology will minimize the occasions when they have to switch to less efficient tools to be sure of an accurate result.

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