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The Trimble TX8 and TX6 combine speed and range to reduce the time and effort for 3D scanning. The Trimble TX8 and TX6 let you gather data more quickly from each setup while the scanners’ long-range reduces the number of setups needed to do the job. As a result, you’ll finish your projects faster and with the confidence that your data is complete and accurate. Using Trimble’s patented Lightning technology, the Trimble TX8 and TX6 can measure one million points per second while capturing precise data over its full measurement range. Because Trimble Lightning technology is less susceptible to variation in surface types and atmospheric conditions, you can capture complete datasets from each station.


The Trimble TX8 and TX6 are ideal for capturing detailed data on existing conditions. Making high-speed measurements without compromising range or precision, the Trimble TX8 and TX6 deliver high-density 3D point clouds needed by design and analysis professionals. The Trimble TX8 and TX6 provide a 360 degree x317 degree field of view and captures data at one million points per second with a typical scan time of only 3 minutes. The Trimble TX8 and TX6 maintain their high precision over the entire range of 120 m and are available with an optional upgrade extending the range to an impressive 340 m. An integrated HDR camera provides fast image capture to colorize scans with minimal impact on field productivity. integrated WLAN to enable wireless remote operation from Windows, Apple and Android mobile devices.

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A color touchscreen display and one-button scanning make data capture easy and efficient. The intuitive onboard software lets you quickly manage scan resolution and define scan areas. Because you capture only the data you need, you’ll save time in the field and office. Benefit from the flexibility to operate in demanding environments and situations. With its eye-safe Class 1 non-visible laser, the Trimble TX8 is safe to use even in busy public places. The Trimble TX8 and TX6 feature a rugged design, IP54 environmental rating, protected mirror and ability to capture data in bright sunlight. Designed for mobility, the Trimble TX8 and TX6 weigh just 11 kg and are powered by lightweight, long-life lithium-ion batteries. The wheeled transportation case conforms to requirements of most airlines for checked luggage which allows you to easily transport the Trimble TX8 or TX6 between job locations.

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Precision Midwest treats each and every piece of equipment with tremendous care. This helped our field crew understand how expensive this equipment was and the importance of handling it with extreme caution. Precision Midwest has an outstanding crew, and we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

- Midwest Testimonial, Landmark Engineering LLC

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