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Powerful Performance with Simple Operation.

High-speed 3D laser scanning system with new innovations to simplify adoption, increase efficiency and provide confidence in the field.


  • Reliable fieldwork flows suitable for all users
  • Intuitive Trimble Perspective software to operate, manage, view and validate scan data
  • Fast image capture with Trimble® VISIONTM technology
  • Compactandlightweightforeasytransportandmobility


  •  Breakthrough innovations for reliable data collection
  • New Trimble X-Drive deflection system enables automatic calibration to ensure accuracy on every scan with no downtime for calibration service
  • Unique Trimble Registration Assist for automatic registration, refinement, and reports to leave the site with confidence
  • Automated survey-grade self-leveling
trimble x7 featured


  • ►  Reliable IP55 rating and industry-leading 2-year standard warranty
  • ►  High sensitivity time-of-flight EDM to effectively capture dark and reflective surfaces
  • ►  Flexible operation with tablet or one-button workflow
  • ►  Data integration with Trimble and non Trimble software
Trimble X7 App DSC0650

Precision Midwest treats each and every piece of equipment with tremendous care. This helped our field crew understand how expensive this equipment was and the importance of handling it with extreme caution. Precision Midwest has an outstanding crew, and we wouldn’t want to go anywhere else.

- Midwest Testimonial, Landmark Engineering LLC

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